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Nize doesn’t just make your work as an office manager easier, it makes it a lot more fun in the progress. Increase the amount of fun you have at work and that of your colleagues now. How?

Never lose track

Nize brings all your office management tasks together in one well-organised dashboard. You can see what needs to be done in the blink of an eye. On top of that, all requests end up in one place, making sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Smart widgets

Nize offers smart widgets that work together flawlessly on all your tasks. You enter information once and retain maximum hold on everything that is going on inside your organisation.

Personal dashboard

With just a few clicks, you build your own personal office management dashboard. This creates an up-to-date overview of all tasks and shows you where your priorities should be.

Always up to date

What’s even better than being able to take care of all your office tasks and your colleagues from one place? Nize helps you so you know exactly what’s going on within your organisation and what your colleagues need. Right here, from your own dashboard. How Nize is that?

nize widgets

Run your office smoothly with Nize

One database, one dashboard. Efficient, clear and always in control


Manage all your HR administrative actions


Manage and categorize all your suppliers


Booking meeting rooms and other items


Coordinate services such as maintenance, cleaning and IT

Company info

Store information about your organization


Keep birthdays and anniversaries up to date

Out of office

Manage absences and attendance of colleagues


Organise tasks in your to-do list


Easily create quick notes

Emergency info

Find first responders, with contact details

Try it now | No creditcard required