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Nize was specifically developed for office managers and management assistants, key positions that many companies can’t do without. Our platform helps professionals by automatizing as many standard tasks as possible. This makes your job easier and ensures an increase in performance throughout the entire organisation. That’s how you increase the amount of fun you have at work – and that of your colleagues too. Are you ready for office happiness?

Inez van Dale

Director of First Impressions

Mike Veen

CEO & Product Genius

Willem Beunke

Business Developer

Reinout Dijkstra

Finance Guru

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Sandra Ingenbleek

Customer Success Manager

Carolien Bouma-Schermer Voest

Business Relationship Manager

Michael Hagens

Creative Changemaker

Pssst… we’re hiring!

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How to be Nize?

Up until now, there was no practical solution that made office management more efficient and (more importantly) more fun. That’s why Nize offers a cloud-based platform for everyone engaged in office management. A personal dashboard allows you to easily manage your schedules, procurement, company events, meetings and much, much more. Say goodbye to all your separate schedules, lists and sticky notes and never forget another task ever again. Nize increases efficiency, always keeps you up to date and makes sure you know exactly what needs to be done.

Be welcome

The job responsibilities of office managers are ever changing. And so is Nize. We keep an eye on the latest trends to help offer you the best solution available. And because we can’t do everything on our own, we love to work with partners. Want to join our think tank or do you have any ideas to improve Nize? We’d love to hear it! Contact carolien@nize.today. any time.

nize quotes

Nize has given me more control over the status of ongoing cases. This allows me to support my colleagues even more than before.


Office Manager

Nize offers all I need in one single dashboard. It keeps me organised and focused so I can complete tasks efficiently.


Management Assistant

Nize is super easy to use! In the blink of an eye, I can visualise my entire workday and any details involved.


Office Manager

Nize: developed by and for Office Managers